Monday, January 2, 2012

How to save your love with a cute love poem

| Monday, January 2, 2012 |

People say that love is one of the best feelings have ever existed, and love itself is one of the lowest feelings once someone falls out of love with you.

So what’s your choice to stop someone that is about to step out of your life. Telling them how much you love them is chosen by almost every people, but needless to say, it’ll never be a good choice that. In my experience, there’re another way that prove much useful than the ordinary opition, that’s a short love poem for her or him.It’s so simple to say I love you very much, but why don’t you change your words into something sound live:” I survived another day because of my love with you”.

A short love poem left beneath a pillow or inside the pages of a favourite book shows how caring and thoughtful you actually are. You have to ensure though that the poem that you write down is your own and never a duplicate of somebody elses work. True love poems come from the heart and no-one else understands how you actually feel about that special person in your life. Another way that I've found works is to write a romantic love poem and mail it. Imagine the one you love opening it in front of one of their friends, how special would that make them feel.

Many relationships break up as a result of a lack of communication, so it really is vitally important that this aspect within the partnership is maintained. Should you be naturally a shy individual and have issues expressing your true feelings openly then using this method of communication can frequently build bridges if you're having problems with an existing relationship. Alternatively sending sweet love poems to someone that you're attracted to may lead to the beginning of a new romance.

The general consensus is that poems about love are only written by men for women. In my experience women regularly bottle up their frustrations until they reach bursting point and then say things that they may later regret.
My tip for women (this really happened to me and yes I'm a man)
Write down what frustrates you about your man in a short love poem and bear in mind to also declare why you love him. Get him to read it on his own and reflect on the contents. If he honestly loves you then he'll understand how you feel and want to try and do what he can to make things better. I do know since it worked for me and our relationship is even stronger because I have stopped doing the small things that really annoyed her.

So in conclusion poems about love are certainly a great way to express how you are feeling and are a good way to help you create a stronger relationship

Your eyes are like deep pools of ink

To My Beloved

When I saw you

L is for the way you LOOK at me